Registration for the event is not yet active!
The payment method will be announced soon.

Registration fees (please note that the registration will take place in USD):

Early-bird registration until 1 May 2019: 200 USD
Online registration until 31 May 2019: 225 USD
Online registration after 31 May 2019: 245 USD
Onsite registration only by using our payment method via web site: 245 USD (no cash allowed)

Payments information:
IMPORTANT – all payments are in US Dollar currency.
Other possibility is a direct payment to our account in US Dollar currency (details in registration email).
Please note that the payment can be postponed and not finished during registration. To pay later it is no required to register again. Just go to the registration confirmation email. There is a link to your proforma invoice. The invoice has a status indicating it is paid or not. If not then payment button which is also there is active and it can be used to initiate the payment again.
Please provide your institution VAT number which is required to issue the invoice (for participants from Europe).