The date and timetable of the tutorial will be available soon.

Hands-on Tutorial Deploying Kubernetes and JupyterHub on Openstack

Tutorial Organizers

  • Andrea Zonca, San Diego Supercomputer Center


Kubernetes allows to deploy, monitor and scale containerized applications distributed on a cluster of nodes.

In this tutorial we will:

  • Deploy Kubernetes on a set of nodes on Jetstream (Openstack cloud funded by the US National Science Foundation) using kubespray and Terraform.
  • Explore the functionalities of Kubernetes: persistent storage leveraging the underlying Openstack infrastructure, launch and scale services, expose services externally.
  • Deploy JupyterHub (multi-user Jupyter Notebook environment) on Kubernetes using the zero-to-jupyterhub recipe.
  • Launch a toy API-powered gateway service on Kubernetes and interact with it from a Jupyter Notebook
  • Demonstrate self-healing capabilities of Kubernetes, for example by shutting down a worker node that has some Pods running or by deliberate draining of a worker.

The duration of the tutorial is between 2.5 and 3 hours.

All the tutorial material will be available on Github.


Introduction to Kubernetes (20min)

Deployment of Kubernetes (40min)

Exploration of Kubernetes functionality (1h)

Configuration and deployment of JupyterHub (30min)

Deployment of a toy gateway and interactive job submission via Notebook (30min)


The only software requirements are a SSH client (e.g. Putty for Windows, any terminal for Linux/OSX) and a browser, we will provide XSEDE training accounts for each user.

Familiarity with the command line is required to follow the tutorial, knowledge of Docker is useful but not necessary.